First Impressions for Receptionists / Frontline Staff

This First Impressions programme has been designed with the goal of enabling front line staff to be upskilled and confident, and to become a real asset to your company, and of course to themselves.

This is an extensive four day programme which covers every aspect of how to create a great impression! It is structured around the principles of creating a good first impression, i.e. what we see, what we say and how we say it. We cover the use of positive body language and how to read a client's body language. People have to feel good about themselves and know how to present themselves in the best possible manner, therefore we treat the delegates to an individual image consultation including a colour and figure analysis, make-up for the ladies, and wardrobe planning. We use role-plays, simulations and discussions to investigate pro-active techniques for achieving the best results when speaking to clients on the phone and face-to-face. We also explore vocal tone and clarity of diction, to ensure that front line staff sound enthusiastic and professional at all times.

When front line staff leave this training, they will feel great about their physical appearance; enthusiastic, confident and well-equipped to cope with even the most awkward clients and situations with renewed passion and excellent techniques.  

This First Impressions for Receptionists programme enables front line staff to develop the skills to create a positive first impression by looking and feeling great about themselves. Moreover, it will enhance their ability to communicate effectively face-to-face and on the telephone with customers/guests.  

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To understand the importance of creating a positive first impression.

  • To identify a brand and instill a sense of belonging and belief.

  • To understand who the customer is and what s/he wants.

  • To understand your role in the process of communication and Moments of Truth.

  • To improve your listening skills.

  • To master the "welcome process"

  • To understand how to hide "flaws" in your figure and use style and colours to enhance your physical image.

  • To apply your make-up effectively (for the ladies).

  • To learn to use positive and effective body language.

  • To understand how to interpret the body language of your customer.

  • To select the correct phrases to use in different situations.

  • To learn to use proactive telephone techniques.

  • To learn to handle angry and difficult callers and situations.

  • To learn to control your tone of voice and clarity, and to sound friendly and professional.



    Four days

    Target Audience

    First Impressions for Receptionists is aimed at all front line staff who need to improve their ability, and the techniques they use, to offer excellence in their customer service in all they say and do.

    Training Medium

    Interactive outcome based workshop, including a Living Dynamics learner workbook, exercises, role-plays, simulation games. Power point slides and communicative activities.