Email Etiquette, Report Writing & Presentation Skills for New Employees

Graduates, school leavers and people on learnerships have the theoretical knowledge but very often lack experience in Email Etiquette, Report Writing and Presentation Skills for business. Managers often do not have time to mentor graduates or new employees in these basic skills. These programmes aim to equip learners as quickly and effectively as possible, with the practical skills new employees require to cope with essential every day business communication.

Do I have to do all the programmes?

No, companies can choose to do one programme only, or a combination of any two, or all three.

Programme One: Basic Email Etiquette for New Employees 

Writing a business email is quite different to a personal one. Email Etiquette for New Employees explores  the ingredients essentialto produce effective, persuasive internal and external emails, and to understand the etiquette required to avoid offending your reader, or being legally misinterpreted.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to use the header and address fields correctly, and to write an understandable and descriptive subject heading.

  • How to address / greet different people using appropriate levels of formality.

  • How to develop the content (structure) of your email and avoid leaving out critical information or making assumptions.

  • How to select an appropriate tone for your email by correct word choice.

  • How to avoid some of the common punctuation, language and spelling pitfalls associated with business writing.

  • How to use correct sentence lengths and paragraphs.

  • Highly practical and fun!

Programme Two: Basic Report Writing for New Employees

This Basic Report Writing for New Employees programme shows learners how to develop a report, step-by-step, right from the first instruction to the polished final product. Reports vary greatly in style and length, and business reports are very different from academic ones. Everyone in business needs to be able to write a short, well structured report with a clear intention and an objective, formal writing style.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to assess your reader and intention.

  • Use a practical check list to approach the task of researching and writing the report.

  • Collecting and structuring information.

  • To be able to change your writing style to suit the formality of the report.

  • How to be measurable, accurate and objective in your writing style.

  • A report is written / "built up" during the day as the check list is followed.

  • Highly practical and fun!

Programme Three: Basic Presentation Skills for New Employees

This Basic Presentation Skills for New Employees programme aims at taking the "hit and miss" approach out of giving a presentation. It offers practical skills in organising and delivering information and dealing with visual aids and question and answer sessions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to control your nerves.

  • How to assess your audience,venu and intention.

  • Planning the structure of your presentation using a proven formula, which aims at maximum delivery impact and clarity.

  • The practical do's and don'ts of using visual aids.

  • Tips on staying in control during question and answer sessions.

  • Each step is followed by practical application. Each learner will be given a number of chances to demonstrate their new skills by delivering mini presentations.

  • Highly practical and fun!

Duration: Each programme is one day.

Target Audience: All employees with little or no business experience especially suitable for graduates, school leavers and employees on learnerships. 

Taining Medium: Interactive outcomes based workshops, including powerpoint slides, a Living Dynamics workbook. Highly practical and effective!